Tuesday, April 20, 2010

some resourceful sewing

Christian has been needing some more t-shirts, especially for just around the house. and while i love the idea of sewing, i also have the desire to be practical and frugal. so i crunched some numbers.
price compairison...
new shirt from walmart, $3.50
pattern, 1 yard of knit, spool of thread, & knit for coller, $17
getting a pattern on a $1 sale, using thread left over from other projects, finding a scrap of knit for the collar, and cutting up a free t-shirt that doesn't fit the hubby so well...

not the most beautiful thing i've ever sewn, but it came together in about an hour and fits him great. so overall, i'd say a big success! after reading a few sewing blogs, i've been inspired to sew more, but being more creative with fabrics. after all, an old sheet, a free t-shirt, or an old skirt all have big sections of fabric just waiting to be remade into something wonderful! my next remake project, turning my old frayed skirt (that has been too small for many years now) into a pair of flat front pants with pockets for the littlest man (see it here). i'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I think the T-shirt is cute !! ...and Papa says, "whatever it takes to stay out of Walmart!"

  2. I agree...the shirt is awesome! Those are some great skills! And yes, anything that keeps me and my money away from Walmart is a good thing! I am so impressed with the sewing you've been doing, and with that site with so many inspiring ideas. Maybe one day I will have a sewing machine...i think it is such a good idea to use what we have in a frugal and wise manner. great ideas.

    We've been praying for you and Nick. Hope things are going well.

  3. Ohhhh--I've seen those pants--they look so cute, let me know how they go! Love the little shirt. I seriously had never thought about reusing old clothing until I read The Creative Family by Amanda Soule, and now I see things in a whole different light, like thrifting for clothes you can cut apart into new clothes! Great way to be frugal Sarah!


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