Friday, April 2, 2010

hanging out

my boys. all 3 of them. just hanging out, eating some crackers. yummy!

Thursday evening we had our usual Bible study and fellowship night. after the study we broke out the Wii and played "just dance". the adults started things out, and then the kids got a turn. it was quite entertaining. there was a dance off between Nicholas and Bailey (age 7), the prize being the winner got to pull her loose tooth out. Nicholas won, but about 2 beats before the song ended, Bailey sat the controller on the floor and bolted upstairs to the bathroom and ended up pulling the tooth out herself, before Nick could. :)

Ryan (age 5) and Isaac did 3 dances and it was hilarious!! they started with "who let the dogs out" and i wish i would have gotten the camera sooner because Isaac was barking with the song! suprisingly, Isaac won that one. Ryan won the other 2, which made him happy that they both won. little boys are so funny.

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