Friday, April 9, 2010

conversations with a little man

Wednesday night after church we decided to swing through the drive through and get something to eat on the way home. we started at Arby's where Isaac turned to the menu, put his finger on his chin and said,
"hmmmm, i eat... burger!"
"Isaac, they don't burgers here"
"oh, i eat... corndog!"
at that point we realized the car ordering in front of us was in park and didn't appear to be going anywhere for a while. so, we backed up and headed to sonic. while we waited for our food, Nick commented on huge, jacked up, 4x4 truck. Nick stated that he needed a truck like that and from the back we hear,
"Isaac need truck!"
"Daddy needs a truck like that too!"
"No! Isaac truck."
"ok, how about you buy a truck like that and let Daddy drive it until you turn 16"
"No! Isaac truck! Daddy ride."
"what color will your truck be?"
"umm, green! and yellow!"
"oh, green and yellow like a tractor?"
"yeah! like tractor."
i love my boy!


  1. The little boy growing up in Las Vegas is still a NE boy at heart! I love it! =)

  2. Well at least he has his tractor colors right.


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