Tuesday, March 9, 2010

some little things...

Psalm 107:43
"Who is wise? Let him give heed to these things,
And consider the lovingkindnesses of the Lord."
-God gives me wisdom in every area i ask for it.
-Do i ask for it?
-How often?
-Do i just ask in passing, or do i labor in prayer over it and wrestle with God until i am given peace?

"When God wants to make an oak, He takes 100 years, but when He wants to make a squash, He takes 6 months. There are no short cuts to godliness."
~ Dr. A. H. Strong
-be patient. growth takes time.

and now some pictures...

trying to catch the dust floating in the sunshine. oh, the little joys in life!

i like this smile

Praise the Lord for good friends & fun movies.

smiles are contagious

oh how time is fleeting... seems like it wasn't that long ago they were babies in my arms.
this is as close as i can get to a nice picture of the boys together. however, in my opinion, it does seem to capture their abounding personalities and their wonderful relationship quite well.

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  1. Thank you for the Scripture and your comments! ....and we love the photos!


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