Sunday, March 21, 2010


ever wonder what it sounds like when the entire box of cereal is poured on the floor?
me neither... but now i know.
so i caved. the day after my last blog i found myself back at Lowe's purchasing the flowers that i had fallen in love with. i spent $12 and got 6 plants. so even if i kill them all soon, i'm more than happy! (please ignore the scattering of of rice krispies on the table)

Isaac enjoyed playing Wii with Daddy today. of course, he thought he needed a better view... which resulted in Daddy having a worse view (over and over the little hands found their way over Nick's eyes)

we've been doing some odds and ends in the backyard this week. various things, such as planting our flowers and veggies, piling the big rocks, cover the gate so the neighbors cat can't get in anymore & cleaning up after the previous visits (& we've had some really crappy visits from that cat!), and dealing with a mysterious pvc pipe buried in the ground. Isaac was using the hammer to take a couple whacks at it. and of course, we always wear safety glasses for such tasks. i wish he would have let me take a better picture, cuz he looked adorable with the way his nose was squashed and red from him resituating them.


  1. I don't know what cereal on the floor sounds like, but I do know what feed sounds like when the trap door is pulled out of a two ton bulk bin.

  2. psh, that so does not look like a whole box of cereal... ;) sides, serves you right. I believe you did something very similar as a child, you were just sitting in a chair when it happened. haha


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