Thursday, March 4, 2010

average days

fish face!

so it seems i have a monkey, a dog, a kitty, a lion, a bunny, a fish, and a donkey, each at various times though out the day. ok, so i just have an Isaac who likes to pretend he is different animals.
have i mentioned how much i love my big boy? cuz i do. :)
he doesn't seem to like the feel of grass.

Christian is a walker! the other night he started taking steps. he's so different about it than Isaac was. Isaac took off at a run and hoped he could dive at his target before he fell over. Christian is very slow and careful, working hard to regain his balance before he takes his next step. oh, how different my boys are. i guess i shouldn't be surprised. we have a God that is infinite in so many of His attributes, and He put a little of that into creation. even though Nick and I had 2 boys together, there is a possibility of infinite differences! different looks, different moods, different likes and dislikes, different reactions, different... everything! they have moments where they are alike, but not so often as you might expect.

Nick is still plugging away at the airport! it's been some long hours lately, but we are all surviving. :) i think i will unpack the summer clothes for the boys this week. not that we need them yet, but it's getting there (we've been in the 60's off and on lately). plus Christian is growing like you wouldn't believe~

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  1. Aw, cute pic of the brothers together...and that top picture is just SCARY how much he looks like Nick! ..minus the fish lips of course. :) Glad you guys are doing well..praying for that new project! *hugs*


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