Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh, how life can feel a little crazy when you have 2 boys. :)

the other day Isaac dropped a sippy cup with apple juice in it. when it hit the floor, the lid popped off, spilling juice across the kitchen floor. when i bent to help clean it up, Isaac informed me "it blew up!" oh the imagination of a 2 year old.

this week we decided to do something crafty and so we made some valentines. we used lots of construction paper (something i loved as a child), ribbon and yes, scissors. i know, i know, what am i thinking? giving scissors to the same little boy who has shown a fascination for everything sharp and pointy (especially scissors). but i have hope that if i let him use the little safety scissors under supervision, teaching him when and how it's ok to use them, that it will decrease the sneaking them when mommy's not looking.

i've been amazed at how much Christian has been eating the last couple days. He is still nursing every 3 hours, but also taking in huge amounts of fruit, yogurt, bread, veggies, beans, cheerios, anything i set in front of him at breakfast, lunch or supper. he's also been taking water in a sippy cup and bottle throughout the day.

currently he has 3 usable teeth and somehow manages to grind them when he's bored (Isaac did the same thing at that age). and 3 more top teeth are so close to breaking through, it has made for a lot of tears recently.

speaking of tears, Christian had his first tumble down the stairs yesterday (i'm sure there will be more to follow). we were all upstairs, i was putting in a load of laundry and both boys were playing in the toy room, or so i thought. Isaac is usually good about watching his brother, but he had wandered into the other room. Christian, being the speedy crawler that he is, took off for new sights and before i turned around, down he went. thankfully, we have extra thick carpet padding, and a landing 1/2 way down the stairs. he was done crying within 30 seconds of me picking him up so i knew he was just fine. it did result in some extra long cuddles with mommy.

he loves showing off how he can stand without holding on.

he also likes to do things, like eat, while standing. oh, the little joys in life.

Nick is finishing up the airport project and we are excited & a little anxious to find out which project he will be working on next.

i've been busy with the boys and trying to pick up playing the piano again. it's difficult to do with 2 little ones, but Isaac is starting to get when it's mommy's turn and when it's Isaac's turn. Christian doesn't get it at all and so my practicing it often interrupted by screaming and pulling on my legs. oh, well. hopefully i'll get there.

i've started using a new laundry "soap" if i can call it that. they are Soap Nuts. the shell of a berry that has been dried. when put in warm or hot water, these little guys release an oil that is a natural cleaner. you can use them repeatedly, and soak them to make a liquid soap too. i'm really liking them. :) it's so cool to me that God would create soap! of course, He is an all knowing and loving God. makes sense that He would plan something like that just to take care of us. :)

Luke 12:6-7 "Are not five sparrows sold for two cents? Yet not one of them is forgotten before Gode... Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows."


  1. I just caught up on some of your postings. I love the photos and your comments and also your thoughts on joy and happiness.

  2. I'm so enjoying catching up on your blog! Love your funny little tidbits on the boys...and your blog theme and verses are great!! miss you guys~ *hugs*


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