Thursday, February 18, 2010

(i asked him to squish his face up next to mine.
he interpreted that differently)

Things mommy says the most...

don't squish him!

sit down, please.

take a bite.

not on the wall.

don't stick that there.

no poking.

come here.

watch where you're going.

hurry up.

slow down.

i'm in here.

Thing's Isaac says the most...

where are you?


apple juice!

no, no, Christian.

help, please.

carry you, please?

love too!

and from the way Christian squeels and chatters, i'm sure he's not far behind with some phrases of his own.


  1. Pretty cute comments from Isaac and the chatter from Christian will also be fun. Papa sure enjoyed his visit for the long weekend.

  2. This is a cute posting! And an even cuter picture, just love it.


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