Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a mess

i hear mommies talk about being tired and having a messy house. i hear how that's ok because "i'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep" and many other such quaint and beautiful comments. their laundry isn't done, but it's alright because they were playing outside and having a learning moment together. supper is late because they were reading a story with their kidos and just had to finish it.

i have had a messy house & a lot of late suppers recently, but my reasons have not been the same.

i've never heard anyone talk about things not getting done because the baby has been fussing all day and refuses to be put down. i don't hear them say they didn't get the dishes done because that sweet little infant screamed for an hour while i tried to fold some clothes and i couldn't listen to him anymore, so i have been walking and bouncing for an entire curious george episode just to calm him down. i don't know of others who have given up on cleaning up toys and clothes and the like because the toddler has been following me around all day undoing everything i do and so i'm exhausted and have nothing to show for it.

but there are those days. there are those weeks. and sometimes that time goes on longer than we ever thought possible. it goes on to the point where we just sit down and cry. i'm there, or was just there the other day. that happens. sometimes things go undone because life is hard. and that is just as ok as the cute poems & rhymes.

but if there is no sweet moments savoring my childrens fleeting youth, what can be said for those times? God is faithful.

and so, i make a point to have a moment with my God everyday. not always a long one. usually the length of 1/2 a nap (1/2, because i don't want to smell and so a shower is nice). enough for me to savor some of His words and hide them in my heart for that day. i talk to Him, making a point to push my wants and reqests back for the moment, and just enjoy Him. for much joy is found in the attributes of the Lord God. He is good, and wise, and just, and love, and eternal, and unchanging, and blessed, and so much more that i don't have time to go into. and all those things can give comfort to one who will consider them. i know because my God is unchanging, salvation is never lost. i know because my God is wise, He will never give me more than He will help me handle. i know because my God is love, He can overfill me with love until it pours out of me and onto my children and husband. and He is always faithful to give me a tidbit to hang onto and cling for my own for that day.

so things may still be hard. the baby may still be screaming all day long, and the toddler may still be difficult and naughty and i may still just sit down and cry sometimes, but i have to stop at those moments and remember, God is faithful.

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  1. I'm so blessed to have two amazing Godly sisters are are consistently encouraging me just by their daily lives! Luv ya and miss ya. Give your boys a big hug from their bestest auntie back here in Ne. ;o)


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