Wednesday, January 27, 2010

been a while, i know...

so i've been inspired to try to keep on our family blog better. i hesitate to tell anyone i'm doing this in case life once again gets crazy and i drop off the blogging map once again. but until that happens, i write anew.

update on Nick:
currently he is cancer free and odds (and studies) say that he should be for the rest of his life. he will have to continue follow ups for the unforseeable future, but when there is nothing to report, it's a blessing!
things are winding down at the airport project that he has been at for the last year and a half. we are excited and nerves to hear which project they put him on next. with the unemployment rate so high (especially for construction) we are praising the Lord daily that he has a job right now. we'll see what happens next.

update on the boys:
Christian is a crawler/stander/want-to-be-walker. in fact, he is so mobile that when he gets upset and wants to be held he comes and finds me and tries to climb me. it's wonderful to know i'm loved and cute at times, but can be tuff at other times like when i'm trying to cook supper.
he is into solid food, but can't stand the typical baby food. if it's pureed or ground up he gags and spits it out. all he wants is big people food, which sounds a lot easier than it is. it can be tuff to come up with things that are soft enough for his 2 teeth to smash up and easy enough for his little guts to digest. his favorite seems to be banana and the little stars for babies. big brother is always willing to help him out in the food department by sharing (so far this has included peanut butter, yogert, and today his corndog) or using the step stool to get him something on the counter. i'm doing "solids" completely different with this kid than i did with isaac, but hey, whatever works.

Isaac is turning into quite the little talker. i knew it would come eventually and it has, and in quite the outpour. he loves to discribe things using colors, size, and speed. i hear all about the fast planes and the white dog and the big truck on nearly every outing. some of his favorite phrases include "are you homing?" (coming) "no way!" "watch george an bunny hop hop?"
yes, he seems to have a new favorite thing and that is curious george. anything george, he's into it. he loves the pbs show and now has his own dvd of a bunch of little 15 minute george shows.

i know the boys love each other a lot, even though the little spats of siblings has already started. there are many kisses and hugs amidst the pushing and fussing and fighting. even today we sat at the lunch table and they were laughing so hard over something isaac did, and i could just imagine them 3 or 4 years from now, laughing together over something that they probably shouldn't be doing, just like today. they're trouble, but i love them so much.

not a lot to say about me right now, except that like every other mommy of little ones, i'd like a little more sleep and a little less tantrums, more smiles and giggles and less fussing, another date with my husband would be nice and i'm working on my organizational skills. my current project it meal planning. i love to cook, i suppose that is my creative brain coming out. but need to get my ducks in a row when it comes to shopping and having ingredients in the house. so pray for me, cuz it's only by the grace of God that i can plan anything, and stick to it.

hopefully, i will write again soon!

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