Wednesday, May 13, 2009

talk about talking

Isaac has been expanding his vocabulary lately and i thought i would publish a translation guide for any who would be wondering what he said. Keep in mind, as a friend pointed out, you can tell what he's saying more from the amount of syllables and his voice inflection rather than the actual sounds.

duck - Lit. "Stuck" not the animal. this is probably one of his favorites right now as it refers to anything that will not move where he wants it to. ex. can't get the buckle clipped, the box is to heavy to move, etc.

gu? - "nuk" which is what we adults call his pacifier. note that it is always said in more of a questioning tone because he's asking where it is or if he can have it.

doe - (very round o) "door" not sure why, but sometimes the door is quite interesting and needs to be commented on.

wa? - "walk" again, said in a question because he is requesting going outside or taking a walk.

mama - "person that i want something from" typically used of a female, but not always. he's getting better about calling when he needs help or wants something, and since he is at home with me all day i've been telling him to call me. however, he doesn't realize this is my name, but simply something that needs to be said to a person to get their attention or to make a request.

da-ee - "daddy" but note that this d (unlike all other d's) need to be said with the tongue sticking out of his mouth as far as he can manage. no clue why this came to be, but it helps me to know that he is specifically talking about daddy and not trying to say another d word.

doo - "shoe" please remember that if he is in fact saying shoe, he will be pointing at one. if there is no shoe around, he's saying something else. good luck figuring out what that something is.

cheesss - (said with as quick of an e as possible.) "cheese" a favorite snack.

dough! - "don't" a word that mommy doesn't like due to it being yelled at her. i have no idea where he picked it up because we use "no no" to correct him. i'm trying to remove this word from his vocabulary.

dye dye - Lit. "bye bye" always said with a wave

daaaa? - "bath" another question. he loves taking a bath and will ask many time when we are in the bathroom or if he thinks that you mentioned something about it first, so be cautious. if he thinks that he needs a bath and doesn't get one, it's a very very sad turn of events in his mind.

i hope that is guide will help you if you happen to have a conversation with Isaac in the near future. some words are getting clearer as time goes on, so this might change if you don't see him for a while. enjoy!


  1. I bet Isaac is a hoot using his words.

  2. I love it! I know all too well what many of those words sound like. Hope you all are doing well! Praying for you and wishing we could be there to help.

  3. Aw, this is so cute! I feel proficient in speaking his language now. ;)

    So glad you're moved in and getting settled. Miss you guys! Wish we could be closer..sending lots of hugs (and prayers!) from you guys.


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