Thursday, May 21, 2009

the last round

This week began our last round of Nick's chemo treatment. Yeah! In a couple of weeks he will have a CT scan and then talk with the Dr about what is next. Please pray hard that this took care of it all. :)

Unfortunately, Isaac got sick on Monday. He started his day at 3am, getting sick in bed and sick again while mommy tried to clean him up. From then on it was off and on barfing for a day or so. Tuesday he didn't bring anything back up, but defiantly was feeling yucky and clingy. Wednesday and Thursday has been better (except for some nasty diapers) but he's still below par. The funniest thing is that he's had some gas and last night he stood in the living room and farted then said "ahhh!" and waved his arms behind him as if to disapate the smell for our comfort.

Nick has been getting sick too, as we expected. But the super good news is that he has been able to eat a little bit of supper in the evenings unlike last cycle. And while i don't know if that actually makes him feel better, it sure puts my heart at rest a little more. Tomorrow is the last day of treatment and we are all ready to have this behind us. Praise the Lord for His grace He has given us to get through all of this.

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  1. We are sure praying for you guys! Glad this last round is getting over with..sending love and hugs!


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