Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Settled In

So we finally have the house put together to a point we are willing to show our lived in home. There are still boxes yet to unpack and kiddie items yet to find a place, but for the most part we have our home organized with where most of the big items will be located.

Above is a view from the front door looking into the living room. Isaac could hardly pull his eyes away from Clifford to take the picture.
Unfortunately I couldn't get Sarah to look away from facebook. But here is our kitchen and dining room.

It even comes with a garden. This fall we will probably put down some pavers and grass. Here is the family room upstairs. More of a place to throw toys and Sarah's crafty items just around the corner.Master Bedroom and Master Bath

And the kids room. Nothing really to show in the spare room except an air mattress and lots of boxes.

Home is getting more and more comfortable with the more that we are able to settle in. Now we just need hang pictures and items of that nature.


  1. WOW, it looks so different then when I first saw it. Can't wait to see it in person come June. Love you all Mom

  2. What a beautiful home!! Glad you guys are getting settled and HOORAY!!! for your last round of chemo. We will be praying for upcoming scans.

  3. Looks great! Love the pics. Congrats on finishing chemo! We are super excited for that..sending hugs! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. ooo! yay a house! congrats!!


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