Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chemo #2, Life, and how they fit together...

So today is Saturday. The day following the latest round of chemo therapy treatments for Nicholas. And let me tell you, it's been tuffer than the last round on all of us.

You see, last week Isaac and I managed to get ourselves sick and then pass it along to Nick about Wednesday or Thursday. He was feeling a lot better on Monday except for a darn cough that he couldn't seem to ditch. We didn't think much of it at the time. But as the treatments started to compound, the cough got worse. Coughing fits have led to gagging fits and some upchucks. Not so much fun, but Nick is really dealing with it well. At least, better than i would be. As a result, Nick has been sitting around the house with a cup or a bucket handy to help deal with these fits. Isaac has found this very interesting and since he copies Daddy in so many ways, everything from "fixing" broken toys, giving Mama kisses and patting her on the rear, to trying to use Daddy's beard trimmer in the bathroom, he feels the need to spit into Daddy's bucket as well. Well, so he doesn't quite spit, but he makes the sound just like Daddy.

In order to maintain some kind of normal, Isaac and I hung out together on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, only dropping him off with friends on Monday and Friday. It seemed to work pretty well. Tuesday Nick was feeling good and wasn't on all the meds, so he drove himself to treatment leaving Isaac and I at home like a normal day. Wednesday and Thursday I drove Nick to his treatments and Isaac and I killed time on that side of town until he was done. Both days we got a snack at McDonalds then did some window shopping. Wednesday we wandered around Target Greatland (like a super but less food and more other stuff), finding Isaac his own pair of super cool hotwheels sunglasses so that he wouldn't want Mama's anymore, and pointing out lots of pictures of animals and making the sound of each one. His new favorite animal seems to be the cow and he will make the noise whenever he sees a picture of one, although that sound varies from "mooo" to "gooo" to "dooo". Thursday was spent partly at Home Depot, wandering through the plants and lights and other fun house things getting ideas for our new place. The other part of Thursday was spent playing outside of the Center Institute in the patio area, reading books, coloring, and just wandering around. But both days Isaac fell asleep on the car ride home giving me a break and time to chat with Nick.

hangin outside the Nevada Cancer Institute

Friday I was able to go and sit with Nick again and even though he slept most of the time, I really enjoyed being able to be there with him. It's given me some great time to read and pray and make some notes in my notebook so that i don't forget what God is teaching us during this crazy time in our life.

While our house is a bit messy, with some dishes that need to be done and the vacuum needing to be run, and we've been to the store more times than i care for this week, grabbing little things we seem to run out of unexpectedly but can't live without, we've still be having some great times.

We tried to watch the movie "bedtime stories" as a family the other night, and Isaac was... let's just say "less than interested" until the credits stared to roll and a song came on. Then there was dancing and holding hands and giggles and singing. Best part of the movie, by far!

We've been on lots of walks around the apartment grounds. The bushes and trees are all budding and blooming and it makes for a very enjoyable time out of the apartment, which has started to feel a little small and stuffy at times. So we eagerly wait for our house to be done so that we will have our own yard and lots of room to play!

Moose is getting bigger inside me and is very, VERY active. There are some times while I'm sitting and Moose will start to move so much that you can see my belly jump and wiggle, with little bulges from a foot or a rear end. I forgot how much I love that! And while this pregnancy has been going much faster than my first, it's also a bit tuffer on the body, with more akes and pains and less restful nights. I recently heard a quote that I found very true for myself...

"Pregnancy is like getting your butt kicked from the inside out!"

So that's us lately. Thank you everybody for all your prayers. It's so wonderful to know that so many people are going to the Lord for us. We pray everyday that He will bless you and draw you closer to Himself as you lift us up in this time of life. We know He is to receive all the glory in this struggle! We are sustained by His grace and blessed with His peace and pray that the same is true for you.

Lot's of love from Nevada!!

~2 very tired boys~


  1. Aw yes, roaming through Home Depot getting ideas, I love those times. :)

    Keep up the good fight Nick, your battle cry being the almighty "Raaaallllllph". We've been praying for you this week! (You too Sarah!)

  2. Sarah,
    I talked to your mom today! I'm so excited for you and your new house! I bet you can't wait to move in!
    Thanks for keeping us informed about Nick's chemo. I've been praying for him and for the family. I can't imagine how difficult this could be. It sounds like you're handling it well by the grace of God!
    You are both loved and missed by many!

  3. Isaac is getting so big! So cute. Love the nickname for the baby coming! Who came up with that one?

    We will be continuing to pray for Nick and all of you!!!

    Jennifer Buettner

  4. Moose is lookin good! Thinking of you guys and sending hugs. A&A

  5. love the picture of the tired boys! nick, glad to hear you don't expect me to shave my head in support:) although then alicia wouldn't have to cut my hair for awhile...


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