Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Abnormal Monday Down

I started my second cycle of chemo today. When we arrived I needed to have my blood drawn. Ever heard the saying "Third times a charm"? They were wrong. It took 4 needle sticks prior to placing an IV that would actually work. Its amazing how much pain can be caused by such a small instrument. I tried to take a picture of the bruises I have in my arm, but the pictures didn't come out. We received the go ahead after blood counts came back and I actually slept most of 3-4 hour treatment.

After the 3 of us returned home from the babysitter, Isaac took a good long nap himself. Sarah and I watched "The Newsies"; after which we proceeded to eat a fantastic supper of grilled chicken with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

After supper, I was reminded of a day, years ago, that Mom enlisted my volunteer help. (Can you sense the militaristic connotation?) I was somewhere between the age of 9 and 12, plus or minus. Mom had volunteered my hands into washing the floor and about halfway a keeled over and expressed "I'm gonna need a wife."

Tonight was one of those nights. After a wonderful supper, Sarah was baking my favorite cookies and I took Isaac to wash his hands and face; I then proceeded to change a typical stinky diaper. Unknown to me at the time, this was not a typical diaper of any kind. I can't remember the last time Isaac had a blowout, but Sarah said it was probably close to 8-9 months ago. Sarah graciously came to my aid. In all reality, I bailed. I took the back seat and ran after paper towels, started the tub, took out the cookies when buzzer went off just as the mess had been exposed to the world, and of course distracted Isaac from putting his hands in what could have been a train wreck.

Now Sarah and I relax from the restful day and an eventful evening.

I also thought I would share that the time has come that I've needed to shave my head. I actually shaved my head last Monday, but I was able to keep a goatee until Saturday until that just got too thin where I had to shave it.

I do not expect anyone to shave their head for support. After all, what is the point in putting an unnecessary ugly bald head on the streets?


  1. Wow--love the new 'do! I was thinking of you with that..glad you're not too bashful for a picture. :) Looks great. ..and I'm glad the diaper disaster is taken care of! I'm looking forward to daily explosions here soon..praying for you guys!

  2. Hey, can we get another picture of that bald head? I had thought about shaving my head, but after seeing this picture........????????. Your mother wants to see you w/o the crazy eyes. Let Sarah take the next picture! Love, Dad

  3. Nick, You continue to show a peace that can only come from God. I'm praying the nausea stays away and that you can continue to have special moments like described above. Please know we are sending hugs of love and comfort to you guys.
    Love you!!

  4. I remember that day of scrubbing the floor and at the time didn't think it was that 'dreaded' of a job until you said you were going to need a wife...makes me smile still today when I think of it. Loving you all! Mom

  5. Praying for you Nick and Sarah! Love the new hair do, but your expression is kinda creeping me out! Blow outs are NO fun!

  6. Sweet picture


  7. Know what, Nick? We just got a few pairs of "Pirates_of_the_Caribbean Micky_mouse ears and I'm thinkin' a pair of those might be just the thing to complete your new look! ;)

    You guys are in our prayers as well.
    -the Johnsons in SC

  8. I asked Vincent if he wanted to see a picture of Uncle Nick and sure he did. What a hoot, holler and laugh he let out when he saw the picture. He just kept shaking his head and laughing. Now we are ready for a better picture one that doesn't scare little children like Johanna. Hope your week has been going well (as well as can be expected). Love you all and praying always for you. Mom Hanseling

  9. that's kind of a scary picture! :) Thinking and praying for all four of you there -Nikki T. in Lincoln


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