Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catch Up

This post is meant to be one to help everyone understand the timeline of what has happened as far as health.

Around Thanksgiving I noticed a lump and saw the doctor as soon as I could after the craziness of the holidays. I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and in mid January I had the tumor removed. However the cancer had moved into my lymph glands prior to the removal of the original tumor. Therefore I need further treatment. Step one is chemo. Another surgery may be needed after chemo depending on how my lymph glands take the treatment.

My first surgery had some interesting outcomes. I was plenty loopy and Sarah and I both wish we had a video camera. Sarah has her own version of some of the stories, but I just remember how everyone thought I was the best patient ever. The nurses (despite the fact I was unable to get a single name right) were always laughing at me and one noted that if I would ever drink too much, I would at least be a happy drunk. I kind of remember asking if I could take my tumor home with me and the obvious answer was no. I also remember calling my boss after surgery and asking for a ride home because Sarah was not feeling so hot. I gave great effort to convey exactly what I wanted him to do and he ended up sending my office mate. I threw up on the way home that night and determined that it would not be the best to dump the bucket of barf out the window while traveling down the interstate. (Note: I was still in my co-workers vehicle.)

After surgery, I went to see an oncologist and from tumor markers, CT Scans, etc. he confirmed that chemo was needed. We are currently anticipating 4 cycles of treatment equating to 12 weeks of treatment. I received a second opinion just to make sure and the second opinion relayed the same info.

So here I am at the Nevada Cancer Institute receiving treatment. Sarah has noticed a T-shirt in the gift shop that states: Cancer Sucks. Everyone seems to understand that shirt quite well. At least we have the opportunity to praise God through all circumstances he gives us.


  1. I'm so glad you started a blog!! How fun. I was laughing at your surgery story, and another puking-in-car story to add. :)

    We sure are praying for you guys and it will be good to hear updates via your blog. Love you guys! -A&A & kids

    ps--looks like you have your own chauffer from the looks of the pic above!

  2. Thanks for starting the blog, Nick. Just know you have been and will continue to be in our prayers. So sorry that the puking goes with it, but so thankful you know that the Lord is with you each step of the day and thankful you live in 2009 and not 1909! Hugs to you all!!

  3. Nick and Sarah,
    Thank you so much for starting the blog - you are never far from our thoughts. You will continue to be in our prayers.


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